Android App fails to notice newly added folder.

It seems that the Android App only fetches the folder-list once, and thereafter a refresh doens’t change it. So even though I moved slashdot’s feed into a new “high volume” folder on the desktop app, that folder has never appeared on the Android version and Slashdot’s feed continue to fill up the ‘news’ folder, crowding everything else there out.

Otherwise all seems pretty good work. Glad it’s open source, I have plans to take a look and see how easily I can improve stuff (but if I’m honest I have a lot of plans, and most of 'em aren’t gonna happen, so we’ll see).

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I noticed this too recently.

There is a work-around: log out and log back in and it re-fetches the folder list.

This will [hopefully] be fixed for tomorrow’s update. I’ll be sending it out tomorrow.