Android App eats all my Data

2 days (20min each) of using Newsblur on Android it already 200mb used by just browsing through my feeds.

I don’t know if it is related to this, but I have to constantly (after viewing maybe 10 articles) go back to All Stories and back again for it to let me access 10 more articles. Each time I get the spinning wheel and have to wait. So I guess it is constantly loading, even though it already loaded everything on startup.

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The amount of data used by the app will entirely depend on the number of feeds to which you subscribe and the richness of the content they publish. The communication format used to deliver metadata is remarkably efficient (all the metadata for my 200+ feeds fits in less than 25kB per reload of the feed list), but individual feeds that are image-heavy might easily chew thru many megabytes on a single load. For instance, loading just the last day’s worth of stories from Arch Daily just cost me 3.9MB. If you’re concerned about data usage, you could avoid opening very rich feeds or folders, and their content will not be pulled.

We could probably do a better job of emptying that cache. I’m dealing with this now on iOS and I’m thinking about removing the cache of read dstories about 24 hours after they are read. We might want to have something similar on Android, even if it isn’t as accurate and just removes the read story cache data once every 24 hours or so, which means half the content would be older than 12 hours old and half younger.

Android does have a cache, though it’s sized pretty small (1MB), and shared with any other app that does web browsing with the system library. Expiration isn’t timed so much as a FIFO.

Try the NewsRob OSS ( MIT Licensed ) Beta 6 which works with Newsblur backend,
You can get it from the News group …

You can set it up to download articles on WiFi and peruse them whenever.

That is not the issue here. The feeds I view are not image heavy at all.

For comparison: 1 average day use with greader for example will eat up around 35mb (with images).