Android app doesn't list feeds

Individual feeds aren’t listed in the Android app for me. I get shared stories listed by the individual Blurblog titles, but only an “All stories” button for all my other feeds. I do not have any folders.


That’s weird.

Could it be because you have no folders? When I run the Android app in “Unread” mode, I see “ALL STORIES” with the total unread count, and below it are the folders expanded to show each feed that has unread stories.

Have you tried creating a folder and putting some feeds in it?

Creating a test folder and putting some feeds in NewsBlur in the browser does not cause any feeds or folders to show up in the Android app. Compare browser vs. app:

(The weird unread count I’m trying to get addressed here.)

I have the same issue but I don’t see it as critical just yet. However, the reference to folders has me confused. I couldn’t find any reference to folders or what they are good for. I found a place where if I click on the green[+] button there is an option to add a folder which seems to be a way to select a site URL instead of a feed URL.

I’m noticing some recently created folders are not showing up in the Android app. This results in the feeds from those folders only appearing in the “All Stories” section.

This is definitely a known issue - see here and here:……

A partial fix went out for some of the sync issues this weekend, so make sure you’re updated from the martket.

I updated NewsBlur yesterday - part of the reason I posted today was because the Android update promised to fix many of the sync problems, as you said. I also thought my problem was different from the ones you referenced since the problem occurs whether or not my feeds are in folders and none of my feeds have ever showed up in the list - only the “All stories” button.

Your experimental solution didn’t change anything.

Fingers crossed for the next release.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I’ve only used NewsBlur in “Unread” mode. When I just tried using NewsBlur in “All” mode, I did get the problem where only feeds in folders are listed.