Android App: Add persistent controls to the bottom instead of requiring fully scrolling down.

This morning, while checking NewsBlur in bed, I ran across an extremely long story that I knew I wanted to read later today. I had to scroll all the way at the bottom to access the control to save the story. Can you please somehow put the controls in a persisten state?


Yeah, they should be duplicated at the top, like on iOS. It’s scheduled, but it seems to be slipping.

You can also save the story via the menu – which in a long item may be more convenient than the scroll to the bottom.

Ideally these should be in the action bar at the top of the screen instead of buttons within every story. If they’re important enough to be in every story, they’re important enough to be on the action bar :slight_smile:


There are already save/share controls in the actionbar in the most recent version of the app. If you have an older device, you may have to hit the Menu button to see them, but you can access these no matter where you are in the story!

These are only showing in the action overflow on both my N4 and N7 - if they are set to show always or ifRoom (as they should be), that seems to not be working :slight_smile:

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I sure don’t see 'em in the action bar on my devices (not old – Jellybean phone and tablet).

They are currently configured to stay tucked into the overflow menu no matter how much space there is. If Samuel is okay with it, enabling them to flow out into the bar itself would be a very quick change.