Android: All Stories taking 20~ seconds to load

Clicking on the All Stories section takes 10-20 seconds to load. Even if I have already entered that section. This is the primary section I use in Newsblur and this has become nearly unusable.

app version: 8.0.0
android version: 9 (PQ3A.190505.002)
device: Google Pixel 3 (blueline)
sqlite version: 3.22.0
username: ScatteredRay
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 65 feeds in conn:518 read:1 parse:9 store:6
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
notifications: yes
keepread: yes
thumbs: yes

How long does it take to load on the web?

About 3 seconds, on FF on PC.

Are you still seeing this issue with the 9.0 update?

It’s about 4 seconds now. Still a little slow, but much better, and actually usable now!!

This has since regressed, my android app is now taking 15-20 seconds to load the stories again. The website is still working in under 2 seconds.

Would like to re-raise this as it’s still an ongoing issue.

Can you try reinstalling the app (uninstall first, then install) and let me know if that helps at all?

That seemed to have fixed it for now. It’s now quite responsive


It’s back to taking 20+ seconds to load.