Android: All Stories taking 20~ seconds to load


Clicking on the All Stories section takes 10-20 seconds to load. Even if I have already entered that section. This is the primary section I use in Newsblur and this has become nearly unusable.

app version: 8.0.0
android version: 9 (PQ3A.190505.002)
device: Google Pixel 3 (blueline)
sqlite version: 3.22.0
username: ScatteredRay
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 65 feeds in conn:518 read:1 parse:9 store:6
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
notifications: yes
keepread: yes
thumbs: yes


How long does it take to load on the web?


About 3 seconds, on FF on PC.


Are you still seeing this issue with the 9.0 update?


It’s about 4 seconds now. Still a little slow, but much better, and actually usable now!!