Android: add folder name tag to saved stories

there are a few old threads on this, but i wanted to classify it under “Android” for sure:

when saving a story, android doesn’t pass the “user_tag” with the folder name to the backend, so saved stories don’t get tagged.

easier said than done, but it seems like it’s mostly a matter of passing the folder name to the APIManager methods for “…as_starred”, then adding it to the call to the backend?

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The Android app doesn’t have any support for setting tags at the moment, but when it gets added we’ll support easy access to all types of tag, including from folder name.

Okie dokie. If you did want to sneak it in early it looks like it’s just a quick parameter on to the “mark_story_as_starred” api call and then the backend does all the work, no need to deal with the full tag support.

Thanks either way! :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely have a new appreciation for the app and your work after seeing the code.

It was discussed on the board that it would be nice if saving a story on mobile tagged it with the folders that it’s in. Then it was reported that this was done, but currently it is not working - for Android.

When I saved a story, yes it saves but not with the tag of the folder where the story is but with the tag of the folder which is listed as the first one of the feed. In other words, if the story is in Folder X but if the first folder of the feed is Folder A - it is saved under Folder A, not Folder X. This makes is impossible to use the right tags.

Can you please fix this?