Android: add feed

I want to add feed from android sharing in web or other app…

app version: 6.0.1
android version: 7.0 (NRD90M.G920KKKU3EQF3)
device: samsung SM-G920K (universal7420)
sqlite version: 3.9.2
username: changho21
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 0 feeds in conn:0 read:0 parse:0 store:0
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: unknown
prefetch: yes
notifications: yes
keepread: yes
thumbs: yes


You can already add a feed in the Android app. It’s the + button in the bottom left. As for subscribing to feeds from other apps, you’ll need to take the website url or feed name and enter it in newsblur.