An outsized thank-you and a small worry.

Newsblur has so far been pretty great. Thanks so so much for making a product that I can pay for with money, not privacy.

My only / largest concern is whether this is a sustainable and profitable business for you - I sure hope it is, but I feel like we as users need to do more to bug our friends and get them on board and increase the number of people commenting on and sharing stories. It seems like currently it’s a full time job and not horribly profitable, and I would MUCH prefer seeing a huge incentive for you to keep it goin’.

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This blog post is interesting in terms of some sort of vague financials… but from this graphic it’s hard to be sure that income > expenses and particularly how Sam fared since then with renewals over the Google Reader closure anniversary period.

Yup, I saw that blog post - and I can see right on the homepage how many premium subscribers there are. That graph + the number of subscribers & how much a premium subscription costs tells me that aint nobody be getting rich off of newsblur. Which is a bit of a bummer.

*edit* although hey, right as I wrote this it looks like NewsBlur rolled onto 8000 premium subscribers, so that’s good :slight_smile:

Just a small caveat with that number on the home screen, it appears to be only the total of premium members active in the previous day and not everyone with a premium membership. It would imply some level of underestimate for your purposes.

Ah, I assumed that it was the # of premium users *as of* the past day, not active in the past day.

Although I’d imagine that most of the premium users would be active within the last day. And if they weren’t they probably wouldn’t be premium users next year :slight_smile: