alternative default save story service like pocket or pinboard

could you implement in future releases on both android and ios a new option for alternative default save story service?

at the moment when you push save story button, it saves news in saved stories section, but in future you could let users to choose if they want to store it in your service or in popular pocket or pinboard… it’s good alternative for “send to” menu and would work much more faster along with “save story with long press” feature which is about to be implemented in 2.0 version of newsblur mobile…

such a feature was implemented long time ago in feedly reader and it works like a charm there!

thank you in advance!


+1 for Pinboard, which I believe Samuel would agree has some common underlying business beliefs…

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I also prefer pinboard over pocket but they were just examples for an overall idea J

I’d like the support of all the popular to be added (Pocket, Instapaper, Pinboard and so on).

Any news on that front?

I would prefer to make the selection a “default” send to and on long click you can select from all options. I.e. I use pocket, so I change my settings to use pocket when I click save, but I might want to share that one story on Pinboard, so I press long and select pinboard.

btw, Pocket and Instapaper +1, pinboard and delicious are imho more sth for the “share with…” section.

+1 for Pinboard (at least)

There are IFTTT recipes for all of these (I currently use the Newsblur Save -> Pocket).

I’m fine with the behaviour of the beta android app, that is:
long press on story title, “Send to” menu appears, then I choose Pocket or any other app.