Alphabetical Sorting of Stories

I would say this would help reduce the duplicate stories


Haven’t heard this one before. Why would you want alphabetical sorting of stories? Just for de-duplication? That wouldn’t exactly work, since you’d just see a bunch of the same story in a row (if multiple feeds wrote the same story).

This would be an example of stories that have similar names, and if there would be an option to sort them alphabetically, then duplicate stories would be “read” faster.

Wow, that use case looks rough, since you have a lot of changing indicators to denote uniqueness, but if you’re too broad those all start to look like the same story when they are not all related. Anyway, I don’t see alphabetical sorting of stories coming, as the index for that (to page through) would be on top of the very expensive date indexes I have for every story.

I guess.

Time to find a new rss reader.

You’re going to find an rss reader that supports this use case? Good luck.

Before GReader shutdown, I was using Feeddemon which had sorting by date and alphabetical.

Well I’m subscribed to some feed which has e.g. 50-100 daily items and is about new releases… of err… software. And it’s item title has the [python] tag first (now it can be an aggregated view of usergroups feeds. If one can sort that alphabetically it’d help to get to the more importatnt items faster.