Allow optional feature making news pop up automatically when they are fetched instead of making the user have to click the site.

I would like to see news right as they pop up instead of having to click something to make them show up. I know some don’t like that so I would be happy if this was an optional feature at least.

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This is a good idea to take on again. What do we want to see happen when new stories show up in a feed you’re reading. If the new stories that were fetched since you started reading were to show up at the top, they would throw you off from what you’re reading. I could possibly figure out how to add them while automatically scrolling you back to where you were, but then getting to those newer stories is hard to do.

Right now the solution is to increase the unread count, leaving you with unreads when you finish reading all of the stories you’ve loaded so far. You then hit ‘r’ or re-open the feed to get the latest stories.

What kind of notification do we want to see for those new stories? I’m not sure what the best design is, so I’ve left it at the workable solution of just showing the unread counts still there. If I see a feed that still has unreads, I click on it to re-load it, and then read the new stories.