Allow "Break Out" Video & Audio from Feeds

Allow users to “Break Out” Video or Audio from a feed, so that it continues to play as users move on to new feeds


Just open it in a new window. It’s not particularly easy for me to take the container of your currently playing video and move it into a new bin where it can continue to play uninterrupted.

I think what the original poster is talking about is something Google Reader does/did - lets you open a standalone window for some flash video or audio (e.g., Youtube embeds). It doesn’t allow continuous play, but it means you can pop a video out in a standalone container window before you start playing it, then let it run on another part of your screen while you go through the rest of your feeds. Even if you only made this work for Youtube and Vimeo embeds it would be really helpful.

Not sure if that makes a big difference in terms of how difficult it is to implement, but I’d like to second the request if it’s a reasonable task for you (once you tackle the scaling stuff you’re working on now).