All text in bold with Lucida Sans

For some time now (sorry, can’t remeber exactly) all of the text in my feeds seems to be in bold fonts when I choose Lucida as font in the preferences. When I switch to Georgia, the text looks fine. Also, in the feed list, there used to be a difference between feeds with and without unread items (those with unread items appeared in bold). I’m using firefox on a Win7 computer but the problem also seems to be there in Internet Explorer when I checked earlier.
Any thoughts what could be wrong? Maybe just a weird setting that I accidentially made?

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Did you recently installed any Adobe products?

Yes, Acrobat XI was installed last week. Could this have messed up the fonts?

Yup. Lucida Sans is a font that doesn’t come with Windows itself but it will be installed by some software such as Microsoft Office or some things from Adobe. It’s possible that you would get somehow faulty version installed.

Seriously, adding plain Verdana as an option would be great (Lucida keeps being a problem). It’s a good and very prevalent font (well, at least for Windows and OS X, not exactly guaranteed for Linux users).

Any ideas on how I could remedy to the font problem? I can’t really uninstall Acrobat, since it’s my work computer but I do have some control over the settings and such stuff…

Maybe try reinstalling your Adobe software? Removing the Lucida fonts between the uninstallation and reinstall.

I’m sure you could also Google your way to an alternative download of Lucida Sans/Lucida Sans Regular. I could but won’t link any such source since they aren’t really allowed to distribute it, Lucida Sans is a Licensed font.

Another options, if you don’t need Lucida Sans, would be to simply remove the font from your computer, Newsblur would then fall back on Verdana instead.