All stories section just five msgs, why?

Hi, recently in all stories section, i see only five messages, how to fix it so I can see it all? Thx for help


You need to upgrade your account to premium to profit from the real-time stream. Samuel has already stated several times here that the limit for free users has always been at five items. Due to a bug that hasn’t been fixed until very recently, the apps showed more than that.


Oh… really? I thought that the limit was merely the amount of sites (60-something?) you could be subscribed to. Having 5 stories seems… not that great.

Bring back the bug?

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Or maybe pony up a whole $2/month for a valuable service? If you use the service enough for that limit to be inconvenient, it’s probably providing you at LEAST that much value.

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Yep, that’s the idea. Thanks Josh.

True Sam, it’s very cheap and very useful. What *is* confusing though is that the site began behaving differently - the pricing section mentions that “river of news” is 10 stories on the free “plan”. Why do only five appear? Have I got river of news confused with another feature?

Where does it say 10 stories? on the login page.

NewsBlur front page

Ah, I see the login page says 5 stories at a time now… I agree, bring back the bug…