"All stories" regression in v8/v9?

I’m struggling a bit to precisely characterise this, but in the last couple of versions of Newsblur (which I get through open source repos, so a little behind the curve) it appears to me that

  1. All stories has started remembering a position in the list of all stories, so even if new stories arrive, tapping “All stories” will take me to somewhere in the middle of my all stories list, despite my having enabled “auto-open first story”.
  2. I enable “show only unread” and “auto-open first story”, but even reverting to the main index screen doesn’t clear read stories from my all stories list, so I frequently end up, after going to the main index and waiting for updates, being shown stories I’ve already read, again. If I back out to the story list I can see that the app knows that these and neighbouring stories have already been read, but it’s still showing them.

Is this a new feature? Can I turn it off? It seems vaguely as if it might be related to this issue from several years back:

Returning to All Stories always starts from the beginning of the list on Android