'All Stories' only shows maybe 20-30 then 'ends'

I normally browse from my computer via Safari on the web.

Recently (last week or two) I have noticed that when I click on the ‘all stories’ tab, and start browsing through my feeds by doing ‘next unread’ that I unexpectedly hit the ‘end’ roughly 20 to 30 stories in.

If I re-click the ‘all stories’ I get another burst of them, and then it repeats.

If I go out to a folder and click it, I get every story in those folders, some of them older than what was displayed in the ‘all stories’ section.

Only thing I can think of that may have had me notice this is I was between 5 to 10 days ‘late’ in my daily reading and have been slowly catching up. I don’t know if it was the age of my ‘all stories’ that might have affected?


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I’ve been noticing this for a while on the Android mobile app, and just recently on the actual webpage.

This should never happen on the web. We also *just* fixed it on Android. How long are you going between loading the feed/folder and then hitting the bug? The folder’s stories are cached for an hour, so if you read a folder for longer than an hour, paging will get messed up.

Today it was probably no more than 10 minutes. I would hit all stories, skim the headlines hitting N or ‘next unread’ and then it’d stop.

I got out of ‘full’ and went to ‘split’ to see if it was ‘loading slow’ and my fault or if it thought it was the end.

The little End icon was there.

I didn’t try reloading the window, I just clicked all-stories again and it’d quickly hit the end.

I’ve sense read everything so I can’t go back and check it. i’ll let some stories build up this afternoon and try it again int he evening.

About how many feeds and how many stories are you reading through? More than 12 feeds, each with just a few stories? If you sense it’s going to happen again, let me know and I can watch it happen. Email me before you do it though: samuel@newsblur.com. I’ll get you on a custom server so I can figure out what’s going on. Would love to fix this.

Yeah, more than 12 feeds. Easily if I look at ‘all stories’ it would be roughly 30 to 40 feeds, some feeds may have >20 unread, others are ‘one post a day’ like WebComics or something along those lines.

I’ll try to remember to notify you. I have to travel on Wed/Thursday and that should let enough build up that on Friday I can say something.