"All stories" on iOS doen't work

For a while now, the “All Stories” button in iOS has been broken for me. Regardless of how I set the “unread/all” or “newest/oldest” options, there’s just nothing there when I go to it.

Going through folder-by-folder works, but when I don’t have too many things to read, all stories really is handier.

I do have 1358 sites subscribed, so perhaps there’s a problem with too many feeds?


It’s possible you’re hitting URL length limits, but those are very high limits. I’m not sure what the number is anymore, but it’s probably … back of the envelope: 8000 char limit, average feed takes 2+6+1 (parameter+id+ampersand) chars in URL, which means around 900 feeds with unreads would be the limit.

But I think we’re doing something about that and trimming off the feeds if there are too many. 

Good news is that I’m working deep in the iOS code right now and I just popped into that part of the code and fixed it. Expect the fix within the week when I get the app submitted. It’s gonna be a nice big update.

Awesome! Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes after the next update.