'All site stories' doesn't let me read all site stories!

This used to work… but since about two weeks ago I now have the following behaviour:

Say there are 60 unread stories. Click ‘All site stories’. Navigate through them - after about 10 or 15 stories no more stories are displayed (I’m in ‘split’ view and get the squiggly line indicating no more stories) but there are still lots of unread stories displayed on the left pane.

If I click ‘All site stories’ again I get the next 10 or 15. This is quite annoying as I mark some stories as unread and going back to ‘All site stories’ means I have to go through those again.

Username is: knitatoms
Sorted by: Unread > Newest
Split view
Text view

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Update: it seems that in my preferences I was on ‘Feed’ view (not ‘Text’ view).

I’ve just changed this to ‘Feed’ view and I’m now able to browse through all stories again. I prefer ‘Text’ view so this workaround is OK for me.

Uodate 2: The workaround mentioned above doesn’t work. I just logged into Newsblur and had 66 unread stories. I was only able to read about 20 before getting to the ‘squiggly line’.

I’ve tried clearing browser cache and even logging in on a different device. Same issue. Looks like some other people have the same issue?

That is weird. How long are you taking to read those stories? The cache times out at 60 minutes, which means you would have to restart. By the way, to quickly reload just hit ‘r’. But this shouldn’t be happening under an hour.

Thanks for the reply. Definitely less than an hour to read posts!

I usually use Chrome. But just tried in latest Firefox (on Linux) with the same results. Very strange indeed! Sorry I can’t offer more details or steps to reproduce. Perhaps the other people he say they have this problem could give more details to help Samuel diagnose?

Here’s a screenshot of what happens:

The five unread items on the screenshot are all that I can view. I need to click ‘All Site Stories’ again to start viewing some of the 46 that are unread.

I’m starting to think it might be keyboard shortcut related. I usually use J, K and U as I read the stories. I’ve just tried clicking through the stories and then the unread ones seem to load.

Sorry to be so vague… I’ll keep experimenting to see if I can reproduce more reliably.

Oh wait, you’re marking stories as unread while going through this list? It’s possible that may be the cause. Does it ever happen if you never hit ‘U’?

Aha - just tried with 35 new stories and didn’t press U or mark any unread and it cleanly got to the end!

Seems like that may be it. I can alter my system of reading if necessary. Will wait until I have 70+ unread items and try again.

Just came back from a couple of days away to 220 unread stories. Tried to read them all without ever pressing ‘U’ to mark as unread. But I still get the same issue as originally described. After about 10 stories I have to start again by clicking ‘All site stories’

I’m using ‘J’ to navigate through the stories.

EDIT: I just tried a specific ‘Folder’ that had 30 unread stories. This resulted in the same behaviour. So it’s not just ‘All site stories’.

EDIT 2: The behaviour is not consistent. On a folder with 10 unread stories the first 9 displayed before I got the squiggly line. Then I had to click the folder again to see the last story. BUT… on a another folder with 10 unread stories I got to see them all in one go. In both instances I simply pressed ‘J’ to read each story and never marked anything as unread.

Just coming back to this now… I tried to share a story and was prompted that it didn’t work due to me running an adblocker (ublock on Chrome).

I have a sneaky suspicion that this was also causing the behaviour described above. It was blocking over 20 requests per page! Now disabled and the site seems to work a lot better…

Yes, I’m glad I finally added that comment about Adblocker being the cause of these issues. The support load for this type of issue has dropped entirely from a few a week to none at all.