All Site Stories do not stay read


I’ve seen related issues on old threads, but not a current one describing exactly this behavior.

As far as settings I read in order of oldest first and stories are to be marked as read immediately. If I select a specific feed to read then the read stories are marked as read (and stay that way) just as I would expect.

However, if I am in… (ALL SITE STORIES) I see the total unread number decrement than within a second or two return to the old number. In the subject view it appears it is marked as read (no more bold) but as soon as I return to… then the old stories I already read in… have reverted to unread.

This happens in Firefox 19.0.2, IE 10.0.9200, and Chrome 26.0.1410. I tried all 3 “marked as read” settings with the same result.

Is it a known issue?

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