"All Shared Stories" shows unread stories when there are none

Throughout the day, my “All Shared Stories” area will frequently and incorrectly announce that I have a number of unread stories. For example, in the attached screenshot, it looks like my own feed, Courtney’s, and Michael’s all have unread messages, but when I click through to any of those feeds or (as illustrated) to All Shared Stories, there are no unread stories to be found.

This is happening across three devices – Newsblur.com on my Macbook, and the iOS apps on my iPhone and iPad – and the number of stories marked as unread varies.

When I go into each feed and manually mark all as read, the problem goes away temporarily, but usually resurfaces within a few hours. This is different from my previous issue in that only the sidebar is displaying unread stories – none of these “unread” stories appear in the preview or reading panes.

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Counting is difficult. This has been a problem on newsblur for ages and ages, I tell it to show unread stories, then when it doesn’t find any I’ll mark all as read.