All of my stories before midnight are gone. They aren't simply marked as read. They aren't showing up at all.

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So can you shed a bit more light on what you’re seeing? Which feeds (use the url) and what do you mena by gone?

Looking more carefully, it appears I was just confused. I had individual feeds set as display all but all feeds set as display unread. The fact that showing all feeds/only feeds with unread stories in the list of feeds on the left is disconnected from what stories show up in the main section confused me.

I still don’t understand how all of my stories got marked as read, but it’s certainly possible that I misclicked and didn’t notice until later.

Ah-ha, yes, this is a known source of confusion. Some competing readers merge the two. I don’t believe that’s a good idea, because they convey different things. I want to only see feeds with unread stories on the left, but once in the feed I want to see all stories in some, while only unread in others.

Since feeds get their own story layout (grid, list, split, full) and their own view (original, feed, text, story), they also get their own read filter (all/unread, oldest/newest first).