all my feeds coming in marked as read

starting sometime Saturday night/early Sunday morning (12;27 or 12/28), all of my feeds are coming in already marked as read.  This is across all feeds and is in both the Android app and browser.

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starting about midnight (EST) this morning, most of my feed are coming in unread - except for most of my feeds. 

What’s your username?

ME Vincent
I have currently 427 unread feeds, but I usually have about twice that by this time in the afternoon.  So I have a few hundred from last night and then most (but not all) from today.

This morning one of my feeds was 1 unread, usually 70+.  Changed view to all (usually unread) and loads of articles over last 12 hours marked read that I’ve never seen.  

The last update has been a real nightmare to use, the syncing sometimes fails and you have to refresh manually.  I read articles and they stay unread.  Not to sound harsh but the previous version worked a lot better for me.

Just seen a comment about a beta version so I’ll wait for that and see if that improves situation.

I’m launching the beta version today, so you should see it later today.