'All Feed Items' button missing after update yesterday

After an update yesterday (I use the app daily at least, so it came up recently), I noticed that the “All Feed Items” button is missing from the main page.

This is problematic/a shame, since the main way I worked through my feeds was to use All Feed Items to go through the entire list (rather than having to select each category manually).

Is this something which could be returned (if either intentional or gone-via-bug)?

app version: 4.0.0.b5
android version: 4.4.4
device: samsung SCH-I545 (MSM8960)
memory: normal
speed 0 in 0


Yep, this is being fixed soon. Thanks for the thorough report!

…and fixed. Download the latest beta 6.

Confirmed that it’s fixed. That’s amazingly fast, thanks!