All BlurBlog Stories forgets last read, goes back in time.

Sometimes, when I click on “All Blurblog Stories”, I get very old stories. I can’t tell if this is due to recent activity, or is an actual bug. This time around, when I clicked on All Blurblog Stories, I got a post from August 1. It seems like if I hit “Next Unread” several times, I do get back to where I last left off, but I’m still a bit perplexed as to why I needed to do so in the first place.


I’m not sure why either, and it’s very time consuming to try and figure out why. I keep an eye out for when the conditions are right to find the culprit, and the next time I personally see it, I’m going to find out why old stories are coming up as unread. It almost always has to do with being exactly 14 days back, but there might be a timezone issue or something else that we haven’t been able to pin down, and since it takes 14 days to set a trap and wait, the best we can do is continue waiting for the conditions to align. It’s a high priority to fix, so we’re going to make it happen soon enough.

Hey Sam, I’m still seeing this very very consistently. Like, every time I click on a particular blurblog, I’m back in time two weeks. So today, when I click on Courtney Stanton’s blurblog, I’m seeing posts from Sept 18. Then if I click on Geraci’s feed, I am seeing Sept 18th again. It’s pretty frustrating.

This still happening? How many stories? Is it a 5 hour window from exactly 14 days ago?

Yeah, still happening. When I clicked on “All Blurblogs” the top story was from Friday, October 5 at 11:17pm (it’s 10:55pm Pacific right now).

When I hit “Next Unread”, it takes me into the BlurBlog feed of whoever has the oldest item, which seems quasi-expected? Certainly not ideal for me, since I would like to see all my blurblogs mixed together, but given the “done with this feed, moving to the next” behavior, it does make sense.

So then if I click on Geraci’s feed, I’m at Monday Oct 8, 11:26am:

If I hit “Next Unread” within a give blurblog, I do get to the next unread story. So that’s working.

Last time I was sitting next to Glass and we had computers with us, I had him log into NewsBlur so that I could see what his account did when he went to the blurblogs section. It behaved beautifully. So I have totally no idea what’s going on with my account.