Al Mac is a Potential New User

I am a potential new user, who found out today that Google Reader will be retired July 1, 2013, so I need to figure out which reader to migrate to.

Someone who converted from GR to NB suggested it to me, and I like some of what I see so far.

I have some questions.
I am on Win XP with Fire Fox, desk top for now, not yet mobile.
My name is Alister Wm Macintyre (Al Mac)

Can you point me to url of a review, setup process, which compares NewsBlur to the competition.

I hate to pay via credit on-line. I prefer to send snail mail check, or arrange to have deduction from\ bank account. Do you support that system?
The reason I am considering paid version is the 10 story limit. One of my feeds is LAWFARE which sometimes has 25 new stories in 1 day.

How about the process of adding a feed to the collection? The video for FF LBM made that look almost as clunky as GR when there is no RSS icon on a web site page.

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I have been browsing other posts here, and have found some answers to some questions.

Yes NB works on WIN FF CHROME other Browsers.
I originally read an RB review on a LINUX site, and I could not find RB listed on Wikipedia comparison, what works for whom.…

I found e-mail for Samuel, so I think if I write, I will get an address to which it would be acceptable for me to snail mail a check for a premium account.

I see from that I can share with blogs, and with e-mail.

Many shares in other services, are just to url of original story, and first few lines of the text. Is that how it works for you?

I now share my GR with G+, occasionally with Linked In.
So what all can we share NB with?

I also have a “share with G+” on a tool bar, for sharing page I am currently on, which could go away at any time, since FF & G+ are constantly updated, sometimes lose stuff. I used to have for other services, but those connections died.

If you are on G+, here I am there…

I have 16k people following me, while I am following 4.5k.
I am also in a bunch of Google Communities.
I mention this, so you know how many people might find out if and when I do a review of what I have found out about NB.

I can share GR stuff with my G+ circles, with my G+ contacts, but not with most G_ communities, which I suspect is related to community settings. I hope NB can do as well.


The community is happy that you’re excited about Newsblur, but you’re going to have to just slow down and be a bit more direct with your questions. If you’d just wait a few days while the NewsBlur servers recover from the massive influx of users you’ll be able to try the service and answer most of your own questions.

  • Yes, this service works on all major browsers, as well as iOS and Android (when you get mobile).
  • Yes, you can subscribe to feed with more than 10 posts per day (I think the free account allows you to see 20 unread posts at a time)
  • Yes, you can share to many external services
  • No, you don’t need an RSS ‘icon’ on a page to subscribe, just copy/paste the URL

So, try the service out first, then ask questions. And if at all, please be clear an concise with your queries.

Good luck!

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