Advertising on your site

Good afternoon, I am a representative of a startup company to promote and help businesses of various directions and sizes.

We would like to gain awareness of our brand and attract an audience to our website, so we want to advertise on your portal. Please answer and complete our questions:
1 What advertising options exist on your site?
2 What their Placement requirements, parameters (size, type, amount of text, etc.)?
3 What is their cost?
We will be sincerely glad to cooperate.

I’m so glad you asked because this gives me an opportunity to show other NewsBlur users what I get offered at least once a week for the past 10 years.

Of course, I will never say yes, and have never said yes. This serves as an important reminder that I don’t double dip. Users have already paid for a NewsBlur subscription, so I’ve already been paid.

On top of that the economics of ads on this site would be quite poor. And if you asked any of our users, I don’t think any of them would say yes, please, more ads.


(for anyone wondering why the post says it’s from the system account, that’d be my fault: i’d deleted the post and the account as spam before samuel decided to use it as an object lesson!)


I’m glad you’re on top of things! I agree it was the right course of action but I also wanted to single this one out.

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