AddThis support for Newsblur?

I dunno if it’s hard or not (not a programmer), but maybe you’d want to have Newsblur added to the browser extension AddThis? It’d be nice to just right-click anywhere on the web to share something on Newsblur.

This page seems to tell you how to do it:

No worries if not, hehe.

Edit: You know, now that I’ve messed around with Newsblur’s social stuff a bit I guess I’m also asking a larger question: how about the ability to share stuff from sites whose feeds we do not subscribe to in Newsblur?

Like, I just ran into a cool Youtube video and my first thought was to put it on my blurblog. Is that outside the scope of the site?

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So I can’t support AddThis until I build arbitrary story sharing, which is a large task. I have it planned as a high priority, so it will happen soon. But there’s a lot to do to make this work, since I have to figure out the feed as well as the story from the page you are sharing. If I can find it, I’ll use that story, otherwise I need to allow an arbitrary page of content, which has its own pain points.

But this definitely will happen. I think it’s important for NewsBlur to be where you publicly share the web.

Coolbeans. I see that it’s tricky but it’d definitely let me share a lot more than I currently do. Thanks for the infos.