Additional Search Result Controls based on Read status

It would be very nice to have a few more options in the search results related to the Read status.

  • Unread-only vs All folder setting applied to search results
  • Mark All as Read, Mark Newer as Read, Mark Older as Read possible from search results

Currently I can have my preferences set to show “Unread Only” for a folder, but when I search within that folder I see both read and unread results. If I was a hundred articles back in my folder when I started the search, I potentially have a ton of already read results that are now showing up in my search results.
I frequently want to do a one-time mark-as-read on everything containing a specific search term. Frequently this is because of highly redundant coverage from a number of different sources on a single topic. The only way to do this right now is to search for the term within the folder, make sure mark-read-on-scroll is enabled, and scroll past all the articles so they get marked as read. The “mark newer as read”, “mark older as read”, and “mark all as read” thankfully warn against their usage in the search results right now since they apparently would affect the total article list rather than the filtered search results list. It would be nice if they instead worked as expected to only affect the search results.

Implementation thoughts:
Maybe this could be implemented by creating a permanent “Search” folder that contains nothing by default. The user could enter the folder to set view settings, like Unread Only, Focused Only, etc. When a search was started from some existing folder, the search terms could be used to populate the Search folder instead and the user would be sent there for their results. Then the Mark XXX as Read effects could be properly applied within the Search folder, which only contains the matching results, without affecting everything in the originating folder.