Additional API with Google Reader API compatibility

I don’t know how much work it would be to offer a compatible API, but it would solve two things at once:
a) 3rd party mobile clients (GReader, Reeder) can instantly support Newblur by either changing the URL or allowing a custom URL
b) IFTTT (and of course other webservices) can do the same.


This would be the deciding factor for me. Anything that allowed me to use my existing clients would be excellent.

Personally I don’t really care about training, I only have one blog I’d need it for (AndroidPolice). The only other Blog I don’t read everything of (TechDirt) it depends on my mood what I read and what I don’t.


NewsRob is one the more popular Android clients for Google Reader, its author has posted his requirements on a compatible API:!msg…

Maybe this subset could be implemented. Lack of a proper Android offline client is what keeps me from going NewsBlur full-time.

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From Samuel’s blurblog: “So you all know, NewsBlur can’t participate in this sort of syncing circle because of the differences in how unread counts work here. If you train stories to be hidden, they will remain unread elsewhere.”

My own take is that if a retrofitted Google Reader API emerges as a standard – too early to say – we should take our lumps and accept an imperfect sync where ‘down-trained’ posts show up in third party clients. Not all users use training in the first place.