Addition to "delay marking a story as read"

I really like the new delay-mark-as-read feature, since it allows me to quickly look for short posts and come back to longer posts later.

To make it work even better, I think it would make sense to mark a story as read when it is opened. This way, I could hit o to open a story in a background tab and k to go to the next new story, without having to hit u to mark the opened story as read. Implementation as a preference would be fine for me.

Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Great idea. Done. See the commit here:….

I also made it immediately mark as read when sending a story to a service, including email.

This change seems to be lost after the social launch. Opening a story with the o key no longer marks it as read for me.

And fixed! Thanks for bringing it up. Whew, took a little while, but I’m catching up on the backlog.

Great, thanks! I missed it a lot. :slight_smile: