Adding Twitter feeds

Add Twitter feeds automatically; currently you can’t just click + and paste in ‘’, you have to know the exact URI to the RSS feed for that user.


While doing this automatically would be nice - I agree, it really isn’t hard substituting the screen name in the following URL:…

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to do with the Twitter ecosystem; it seems they’ve become evil in that that time :frowning:

The twitter API URL for RSS is going to be abruptly shut down, probably this month. Twitter already appears to be blocking from parsing the straight HTML user pages.

That URL is against the v1.0 API, which is being retired soon:

The replacement API requires a user context (you have to log in as an actual Twitter user, with the queries counting toward your rate limits) to get a machine-friendly data feed.

Hmmm … what if we provided personal Twitter creds to NewsBlur, then NewsBlur used those to d/l Twitter feeds? Or maybe I could just tell the folks I follow on Twitter why I’m not following them any longer …

Good to know BrianEnigma. Really crazy how Twitter forces everyone to use the one client.

It might work if and only if NB used the required oauth *and* the feeds also displayed the required promoted tweets/trends inline *and* NB disabled sharing to other platforms *and* NB allowed full twitter client functionality for non-paying users *and* displayed certain required links back to

So yeah, it’ll be a huge judgement call for Sam as to whether he wants to tolerate the New Twitter Order.

Wow, that’s ridiculous. I guess this is what you get when your users aren’t your paying customers :frowning:

Twitter RSS Feeds. I’ve used a site called. to generated the feed URL. Example.…. But, when pulled into NB the feeds content is old. I’ve deleted the site entirely and re-added, still same results. I’ve tried other places and the URL works withe up to date content.


I just [quietly] launched support for Twitter. I’m using the Twitter API to assemble an RSS feed. Try subscribing to

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Was about to post the same method as moontear, but he saved me the trouble. :slight_smile:

As for automagically adding feeds based upon twitter URL, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The Twitter API terms of use make it very difficult (if not impossible) to be a twitter “client” that shows tweets alongside non-twitter content. They can and will ban clients that mess with the rules, so it’s probably best to leave things as-is or risk getting no twitter content at all.

Worse yet, twitter have repeatedly said that RSS support is going to be dropped some time soon.

tl;dr: twitter don’t want you reading tweets outside of an officcial, sanctioned client. :frowning: