Adding a new feed

I just signed up on Newsblur and imported and OPML with my feeds from a previous reader. I am encountering two problems though:

  1. No stories are shown on my existing feeds, so newsblur is not uploading stories from before this afternoon
  2. I have tried to add new feeds but once I click “add” the button becomes “adding” and a blue ball shows going up and down. Its been like 10 minutes and I still see the blue ball and the feed hasn’t been added.
    I would appreciate input on these issues, given that it is frustrated after a recent made payment for this service.

That’s very weird. Do you have Adblock installed? It’s known to mess with things. That bouncing ball should terminate after 10 seconds if a feed can’t be found. Try reloading the page and adding a feed. It should tell you if it works. The only reason it wouldn’t go through is if some browser extension is messing with it.

Now it is working, thanks, just needed to reload the page.
What is not working, even after the reload, are the feeds that I added from my OPML. It says URL is broken? But how can that be when all the URLs still work in feedly?

Usually if a feed doesn’t work on NewsBlur it doesn’t work on the RSS validator. Do you have any examples? Send them through and see what happens.

I did and I just noticed that Newblur didn’t copy correctly the XML links of my saved OPML. I just can’t afford the time to go one by one and find the correct XML link from the original webpage and fix one by one. Any chance I can quickly fix this? If not, I would like to return my purchase of Newsblur and stay on my previous feed that currently has all of my feeds and they are working.

How about some examples of broken feed urls?……………

Where did you export these feeds from? Whatever created your OPML has issues.

From using a Mac computer. However, when I open the OPML in the computer the XML links that appear look fine, without the “%” and number additions.

I just went over the OPML again and the links are fine. The only solution seems to copy them one by one. I have another OPML I want to add but it is illogical to do so if the problem persists. Please let me know if there is another solution.

I have a print screen of my OPML for you to see but this webpage doesn’t let me upload the image. I can send you the print screen to an email if that helps.