Add undo to mark all as read

Every 2-3 months, I somehow accidentally hit the wrong key combination and without warning, everything is marked read. I use marked read/unread to manage stories I intend to read but haven’t yet, so mark all as read breaks all of my categorization. I don’t know if I’m hitting a keyboard shortcut that works without any confirmation or if I’m hitting some bug. Either way, the ability to undo destructive actions would alleviate my frustration.

Related, I sometimes accidentally click ‘mark previous as read’ on the Android app (which also frustratingly has no confirmation) with no way to undo.

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We’ll add a preference for the mark previous/next as read to Android. As for the web, cna you figure out what keyboard shortcut is causing it? Undo mark all as read won’t be coming, but if I can make it harder to accidentally hit the mark all as read button, then I’ll be happy to implement that.

I realize this was two months ago, but I see this brought up in other problem/questions and I can’t believe that, for the web, you can’t include an undo button. Or a right click on the check mark to undo marking something as read. My touchpad is sensitive and it’s happened now too many times to count where I accidently hit the check and what I’m in the middle of reading, or saving for the evening when I have the time to read the article, disappears with no hope of recovery. I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now and this is my only complaint with Newsblur.

What about an “are you sure” prompt when marking many read?