Add title attributes (tooltips) to UI elements

It’d be nice if the elements in the NewsBlur UI had HTML title attributes (i.e. tooltips) so that if I’m unsure what an element represents, hovering would tell me.


Which elements exactly?

For example the gray & green dot next to avatar and, the red/gray/green squares in top center. But even things like the Feed/Text/Story toggles would be great if they had a mouseover that explained their deeper purpose.

Hmm, those are unread counts. I think folks will learn those on their own. They aren’t buttons, either. As for the view controls … they are labeled. You have to play with them to discover their purpose. There’s nothing destructive about them, so go nuts.

I’ve been trying to learn them on my own. I get that one is unread posts, one is unread blogs, and the other is a mystery.

Guess I’m just not smart enough to be part of your target userbase :frowning:

Totally agree with adding explanatory tooltips on hover… 

I ended up inspecting elements to find out what they mean :smiley:

YES, PLEASE!!! Just add tooltips to everything (web).

There are so many UI elements that have no clear usage by looking at the icon. And I don’t want to click things to see what they do.

Adding a tooltip to everything would be very very nice.

Most tooltips have a delay of 1-2 seconds so that the experienced user is not annoyed.

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“There’s nothing destructive about them” - this might be true, but without labels, users who do not come here to see this exact post (most of them) will not know it, and will likely miss out on features due to not knowing what the button will do.

There’s no harm or, really, effort in giving everything a label, and it will go a long way towards enhancing the usability of the app for new folks!


I agree, I try to follow the news and everything quite regularly to keep up with what does what, but still I still sometimes find myself missing tooltips, especially for features / buttons that I don’t use very often. It would also make it much easier for new users to find their way around the service and learn about all the cool things Newsblur can do.