Add the "?" shortcut key in order to show a "help screen" with all the keyboard shortcuts

Please add the “?” shortcut key in order to show a “help screen” with all the keyboard shortcuts.

I had a lot of trouble finding out what the mark as read/unread was (key “u”) after migrating fom Greader and using “m” for years . and finding out that “m” does… something… that I’m still not quite sure what it is.

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It’s already there, friend.

Well, can’t get it to work (j/k/u/m and other shortcuts are working fine…)

Tried it in both the feed view and the “home screen”, to no avail.
(Using a portuguese layout keyboard - though I don’t think it should make any difference)

It probably does. I have it mapped to the ? key, but I don’t know what that is on your keyboard.

In portuguese layout keyboard, the “?” is on the key to the right of the zero digit, accessed by shift+’

Image layout attached.

Unless you’re hooking into key scan codes directly or something, I think it should send a regular “?” char just like any us keyboard…
Is there any test I can do for debug purposes?

Not sure, but if you want to see the keyboard shortcuts, you can also go to Manage > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Thanks Samuel, found it at last. (True, it was staring me right in the face but I hadn’t noticed it before!)

In any case, if/when you have the chance I’d appreciate if you figure out a way to make it work for us people with non-US keyboard layouts. It’s just a tiny detail, but experience tells me that often this kind of thing hunts you down and pops up in the future in far more annoying ways (maybe when some new function requires a new shortcut.)

As a far-off suggestion… why not let user redefine their shortcuts at will, kind of like a “videogame” allows? (I know it might not be worth the trouble, as I imagine only a handful of powerusers use the keyboard shortcuts… but hey, isn’t newsblur the best feed reader for power users? :wink: - though I’d first prefer to see the “mark as read for items older than 1 week” feature implemented.

Other than that, thanks for the help and keep up the good work. I’ve been recommending newsblur to as many people as I can. :slight_smile:

Agreed, international keyboards are something I’d like to support. But know that I’m just using jQuery’s built in keyboard handling, so I’m not doing much other than saying, give me the ? key.

Is the below link any useful?

It basically talks about how keydown uses a key code (not I18-friendly), while keypress returns a character code (I18-friendly). It even used the question mark for the example :slight_smile:…


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