Add tag to tweets for replies to self (aka threads)

The default Twitter timeline hides tweets that are replies to others, but still shows tweets where the author is replying to him/herself (creating a “thread”).

To simulate this on NewsBlur, one can hide “reply” tags, but that causes “threads” to be hidden as well. (Some sketchy custom js can do it, but it doesn’t fix it for the android/iphone apps.)

I think it would just take the following code (where the category could be anything from “thread” to “reply to self”… not sure if there are character restrictions):

  utils/ (somewhere after the “author” is created, currently line 189):

        if user\_tweet['in\_reply\_to\_user\_id'] == author['id']:
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That’s a beautiful idea and I’d gladly accept it as a Pull Request. Go ahead and head to and edit the file. Github will automatically turn that into a PR that I can then accept. I also love getting additional contributors on the repo.

Thanks! Added the pull request now.
(Note: I haven’t tested it at all, just going off documentation, so hopefully it works…)