Add Mark All Read button to the toolbar.

Can we get a more accessible Mark All Read button? Digging into a menu for it is annoying since it is something that is used so often. I imagine having a new Mark All Read button in the circled area in the attached screenshot.

This would mark everything listed in the Story Titles Pane as read. (Which could be an entire folder, a single feed or Everything depending on what you have clicked on.)


I keep reaching for the mark all read button, but it’s not there! So +1 to this.

“Shift - A” helps a bit, but I’d still love to be able to click an easily accessible button, instead of the right click behaviour.

I hadn’t learned Shift + A yet. That helps a lot. A button would still be very helpful (and more discoverable). Thanks for the tip!

There is now a mark all read button, but it disappears when scrolling!

It should stay visible, even when scrolling

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