Add Brave as a supported browser?

Brave is a new web browser that I have made my new default where possible (

Brave blocks tracking pixels and tacking cookies, redirects to HTTPS via integrated HTTPS Everywhere, blocks ‘malvertising,’ and it’s FAST. It also has a way to pay websites you spend the most time on (but is optional).  This is Brendan Eichs’ (inventor of Javascript) new company.

Samuel asked me to post here to see if others would want the ability to set Brave as the default browser in the NewsBlur app.

If you haven’t tried Brave, give it a go, then maybe come back here to leave feedback.


Disclosure: I am a Brave user but have no company ties of any kind.

Great idea!  I have been accessing NewsBlur in Brave for months now and have had zero problems.  I’m not entirely sure what being a “supported browser” brings to the party, but why not?

This would be on iOS and Android as the native browser. Right now you can use the in-app browser or Chrome or Safari. But adding this would be nice. It’d be nicer if something like ARChromeActivity exists but for brave.

On Android, at least, users can already configure whatever installed browser they like to handle opening web content.  Technically we can even change out the in-app web viewer if a browser framework provides the right component.  Basically, it is all on the browser devs to provide the right installable components - the Android app is agnostic to what is going on once we request that web content is shown or opened.

Newsblur is a pain to use on the Mac version of Brave. It’s pretty much the only reason why I haven’t moved to it as my default browser.

Brave causes Newsblur to not load up all thumbnails for articles.
Brave doesn’t load up the fav icon for Newsblur, which can be a bit of a problem when you have 20+ tabs open. Newsblur lags in performance on Brave, even when it’s the only tab open.

It’s weird, because I don’t have any of these problems on Chrome, or Fireforx or Safari.

Is there anyway to optimize performance?

Good question as to why it’s slow. Favicons are served from Amazon S3, so it’s a different domain. Performance issues could be caused by extra checks performed by Brave, but I’m not entirely sure why it would slow down the site.