Add an item to my blurblog without being subscribed to that feed

Can I add an item to my blurblog without being subscribed to that feed? This is useful for when I find cool links from email newsletters etc and want to share them without subscribing to the feed. (I could subscribe, share then unsubscribe, but it’s a bit tedious.) If there was a way to do this via the web interface and/or a bookmarklet (‘share in newsblur’) that would be ideal.


ps. I’m so stoked to see the social aspect! it’s been a long 8 months :slight_smile:


Ah yes, if there was a way to preview feeds I could do that. Maybe a “Preview” option in the “Add sites and folders” dialog? (It’s a little round-about but would do until the bookmarklet is done)

I’m excited to see all the new things happening :smiley:

Can’t wait for the share bookmarklet. That’s the one feature I’ve been hoping for since I moved over here to NewsBlur.

Maybe this should be in another thread, but I’d love to hear more about NewsBlur pro. It will be more of a simple reader, and you’ll go to a separate place (now just called NewsBlur) to modify subscriptions, etc.?

And “pro” always reminds me of the freemium model. Is this going to be available only to premium subscribers?

NewsBlur is being renamed to Pro. The new NewsBlur is something we’re building right now. It uses the same backend, but will be a heavily simplified experience. It will effectively have two tabs: Trending (River/All Stories from sites you follow) and Following (River Blurblogs/All Stories from people you follow). No unread counts, but everything will be chronological. And a drastically simplified UI, since there are only 2 “sites” to click on (the two black sites on the current NewsBlur).

We’re building both an iPad/iPhone app and a website around this new concept. It should take about a month or two. We’re introducing categories that you can subscribe to, so you no longer need a Reader account or OPML to bootstrap your experience.

And because Pro uses the same backend, nothing will be removed from Pro, but the simplified version will be very enticing for a large majority of current Pro users. Also, we’re not changing the Pro freemium model. We might, but I doubt it.

I’m building the share bookmarklet as we speak. A week or two away.

Otherwise, provided you could get to the site (maybe I should build an easy way to preview a site), you are able to read a Site without being subscribed, and then easily share from it. Notice that you can click “Preview” right before you follow a person. Well, sites can do that too.

For instance, go to this site:….

Provided you don’t already subscribe to Smitten Kitchen, you could easily share from that link. Would you like an easy interface to “try out” sites?

We’re switching gears and making a companion NewsBlur that has all the site subscription chrome and unread counts stripped away. (NewsBlur is about to be renamed NewsBlur Pro. This is the first I’ve mentioned it publicly.) But it will be a far easier reading experience.

Based on how I measure stats about how people read, many workflows will be the exact same on the new NewsBlur. It’ll be an infinite scroll of news that you follow (subscribe).

Yeah, kind of a weird place to announce my intentions for the next month, but I do plan on continuing to add new features to NewsBlur Pro, including a redesign that I’ve got stored away. This redesign has a new way of adding sites and friends that’s much better and allows for an instant preview.