Add a 'Send to reddit' button to send stories to

I’m a heavy reddit user, and I’d really like the ability to submit a story/post to reddit with one button, similar to the email, twitter and facebook buttons that are already there.


Actually, I was just thinking; Rather than adding a button for reddit, how about expanding the ‘Send to:’ options? Give us a menu, and then we can choose which buttons are visible. For example, I do not use facebook, but I do use email, twitter and reddit, so it would be nice if I could customize which 3 buttons appear on that ‘Send to’ menu item.

You can actually customize which sharing services show up by going to Manage > Preferences. Although, Reddit is not an option yet because I never considered it. But I’ll see about adding it as time allows.

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As a reddit user I’d love to have that option

Thanks Sam! You’d make me and a lot of other redditors happy right now. There’s a bunch of us looking for a good alternative to GR for obvious reasons.

I would humbly also ask you to add Pinterest to that list as well, although the Pinterest user base is much, much smaller than reddit at the moment.

I wanted to bump this topic back to life.  Just started using Reddit. Would make it easier to share.