Add a "Mark All As Read" button to Everything feed

Is it possible to add a “Mark All As Read” button to the Everything feed? Similar to the “Mark All As Read” button that appears when I hover over the title bar of a single rss feed in the River of News pane.

I know I can go to the settings and click Mark Everything As Read and then choose Mark Every Story As Read, but this requires alot of mouse clicks.



Nope, this is a design decision. If you’re marking everything as read, it needs to be a big decision. Otherwise, if it’s just a few stories, either use a folder or mark the individual sites as read.

Really, if you find yourself wanting this feature, just put sites into folders, which can be marked as read quite easily (or you can also hit ‘shift+A’ to do it quickly).

Thanks, ‘shift+A’ will work for me