adafruit Feed Repeating

I have subscribed to the adafruit feed for a long time now. For the last several days, Newsblur has listed some number of new articles for this site, but always shows me a ton of old articles (going back to February 21 at the moment). Marking as read does not eliminate the problem.

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I subscribe to it too. I just marked it as read and will check if anything comes back that shouldn’t.

When I posted that, I was using RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.2, and Firefox (whatever the latest version is).

I’ve since confirmed that I have the same problem using Safari 9.1 on Mac OS X 10.10.5.

So two different machines, two different OS/browser combos, same problem.

One more diagnostic. I used the app on an older iPad, and was shown only the new articles. This morning, back on the Linux box, the Firefox browser is again showing articles starting from February.

Still more datapoints:

Charlie Stross’ feed:

does roughly the same thing; that is, it shows that a new article has arrived, but shows me articles reaching back to (at this point) March 2nd.

Seeing another as well:

This one reports one new entry, but shows entries going back to March 2.


is doing the same thing (one new article, but showing articles reaching back to March 5th)! That’s four feeds now. At this rate, Newsblur will soon become too painful to use. Help!

I think there’s something else going on with your client. How do you read NewsBlur? Exclusively on iOS, Android, or web? Using a third-party client?

90% of the time, I use the web. The two browsers are as mentioned above, Firefox on Redhat Linux, and Safari on Mac OS X.

I think I may have fixed a couple of these streams, we’ll see. I toggled ‘show all’ and ‘show unread’, and it went back to showing only the unread articles. I’ll post here as the other streams come up.