Activity Notifications don't take to activity

When I am alerted to a new activity by the notification block, when I click on a notification it fails to bring me to the activity. All I get is a “no content” pane, the same as when I have no unread items in a feed.

What kind of activity is it linking to? Also, is this on web, iOS, or android?

I’ts not going anywhere, that’s the point.
Web, Chrome in Windows. Adblock has been disabled for Newsblur.

Trying on Android now (Moto Z2 Play, os 8, Newsblur app), trying to open a notification item just hangs on a page that says “Loading…”

Thanks for letting me know it’s on Android. Can you use the Android app to Manage > Submit Feedback. That way I can get an email with your stats and versions.

Feedback email sent from the app.