Active feed's title color in Feed view

It’s not obvious what’s the active feed in the Feed view. The color should be different (stronger) than the other feeds.

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This is two requests, right?

  1. I just updated that link color, maybe an hour ago. I made the color a bit lighter for read stories, which is all of the stories you’re reading. That’s a mistake, I’m realizing. I think the unread story title should just be a different color entirely. Not sure how that’ll look, but probably bluer.

  2. The active feed is there, it’s just at the top of the screen (Twitter / NewsBlur). If you kept the story titles pane at the bottom of the page, that feed title would be in the middle of the screen. And once you’re scrolling the story titles, you know what feed you’re in. But you might be quite right and I should keep it ever-present/fixed on the screen. I’ll look into that. (This is what you’re referring to, right?)

It’s not 2 requests. It’s just 1. Maybe I didn’t explain good enough… I’m talking about just the title of title of the active story in the feed view, where the arrow points in the screenshot. Right now they all look the same; even the active one. I would like for the title to be a more stronger color to differentiate it from the other inactive stories.

The feed title’s color (Twitter / Newsblur) is fine.