Actions for feeds/folders

Any plans to add ‘Actions’ to feeds and/or folders. It would make for a great complimentary extension to the intelligence trainer. 

For example, if you were to have a section in the settings where you could put keywords and then select what feed and/folder you would like the keyword to govern, thereafter the action would be set to either mark-as-read/star/notification.

So if I was to select:

Google[keyword] The Verge [feed] Star [action]…

It would automatically star any article with the words Google in the Title or Body Content.

As time goes on you could add email notifications, on top of mobile notifications or vice versa. You could also add custom triggers for IFTTT created by actions.

I think this could be one powerful tool for automation, and make the reading and sorting of feeds and articles faster for work or play.

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Thanks for the idea. This is entirely possible today if you use IFTTT. IFTTT can use NewsBlur as both trigger and action, so your starring, marking as read, or notification scenarios are easily done with the help of IFTTT. The downside is that it’s a different webpage, although they are pretty good at what they do.

By the way, since I assumed you’d do it this way, if you want to control for a filter on title phrases in a folder, create a new folder and add the sites you want in it. Then use IFTTT with Focus mode, filtering out only the stories that match.

I already use IFTTT to sync saved stories to Evernote. However I did not know you could do so much automation within Newsblur via IFTTT. I’ll check it out. Although what I was suggesting was something more akin to what Feedbin or Inoreader have for actions. Something more native and therefore more powerful.

Thanks for your recommendation, and your feedback.

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