Acting odd the past few days....

A few odd things have been happening the past 2 or 3 days.

  1. I typically always use All Site Stories mode, with Unread only showing. The past few days I’ve scrolled through until there are no articles left, and then the next time I get an update for new articles, some of those old ones appear as unread again.

  2. I have my sites divided into folders, and when I was experiencing the problem in #1 above, I went to browsing by folder. But, if I have a folder selected and am browsing through, I will have stories show up from other folders.

  3. My sites are set to only show those with updates, and its been telling me there are new feeds and I go through them, but the sites with unread counts never show up in the left hand column.

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A couple days ago I had some server issues (as evidenced by the average response time graphs) that may have caused some reads to appear unread. It’s not related to the backend, it’s just that those requests failed. It should be all good again, at least since yesterday morning.

As for #2, that’s odd. About how long does it take for stories from other folders to start appearing? A few minutes, right? I have my suspicions, but I really need to know as much as I can about when those stories are showing up. And it’s from all folders, right? Not like the next or previous folder, but All Site Stories.

On #3, does that means the feed shows up empty? Try reloading the site when that happens and let me know if the unread count gets fixed immediately or is still wrong.

I have a gaming folder, with 4 sites in it. I have a Tech folder with about 16 sites.

This just happened right before I wrote that, it said my gaming sites had a total of 9 new stories, so I clicked the gaming folder and started flipping through. When it hit the 9th story it started immediately loading in stories from the sites in my Tech folder, instead of showing me the “end of stories” banner graphic with the Newsblur logo.

As for #3, I’ll actually have All Site Stories highlighted, hit “r” to reload the folder, and stories load in, and I’ll be scrolling through “unread” stories and the pane that is supposed to show your folders/sites with unread counts is completely blank. Only shows the All Site Stories and Global Shared Stories headers. Next time this happens I will reload entire site and see what happens.

And something that just now happened on my LifeHacker feed in particular. Said I had 5 new stories so I scrolled through the new ones and old stories from this morning started loading in right after. So I reloaded the Newsblur site…and Lifehacker updated to 29 unread…which were the 5 I just read and marked as unread and all the ones from earlier today all over again.

If you’re in Unread mode and you read all of the stories in All Site Stories, then you shouldn’t see any folders and feeds on the left.

Oh I know, I probably didn’t explain clearly. I had read everything previously and yes the side bar cleared. But when I reloaded the All Site Stories folder and new stories populated in the reading pane, then the sites associated with those stories should’ve loaded in the sidebar with unread counts, correct? It seems to have always done that in the past for me.

And just as an aside, I commend you for this site/service. I had a free account and had tried many other readers during the whole GoogleReader shutdown buzz…but kept coming back to Newsblur. It does everything that I was looking for and does it better than the rest. Its the only service I thought was worthy of being a premium account on, so thank you for your hard work!

Thanks, I appreciate that. As for the bug, I’m going to look at it, since I’ve been seeing something similar enough myself. Only on iOS, but the backend is the same.

I’ve seen this myself for the past week or so. Chrome on Mac OS X 10.8.3.

I have many feeds in many folders. Usually when a feed has no unread stories in it it doesn’t show up on the left. As of about a week ago all feeds show up on the left even wen they have no unread stories. Reloading has no effect.