Accessing archive for site with broken RSS feed


There used to be an RSS feed, NewsBlur feed id #6451487, at The Psychologist - The British Psychological Society. They have completely redesigned their site and I can’t find any mentions of RSS/feeds on the new site. While that’s sad and not directly a NewsBlur problem—

Now the former feed URL is a 301 Permanent Redirect to an HTML homepage. Clicking on the feed in the Newsblur sidebar just brings up the “Fix a misbehaving site” dialog, but there’s no way to clear it because, as far as I can tell, the site doesn’t have an RSS feed at all anymore.

I’d like to see the unread/archive stories from when the site had an RSS feed. The ‘misbehaving site’ dialog prevents me from doing so. I’ve found that, as a workaround, I can create a folder with only this feed in it. Then I can click on that folder to view stories instead of clicking on the feed directly.

Perhaps there is some better way that NewsBlur could handle this?

Something related has now happened for another feed: the old feed is now 404ing, and when I update it to, all the post history is lost :frowning: