Accessing archive for site with broken RSS feed


There used to be an RSS feed, NewsBlur feed id #6451487, at The Psychologist - The British Psychological Society. They have completely redesigned their site and I can’t find any mentions of RSS/feeds on the new site. While that’s sad and not directly a NewsBlur problem—

Now the former feed URL is a 301 Permanent Redirect to an HTML homepage. Clicking on the feed in the Newsblur sidebar just brings up the “Fix a misbehaving site” dialog, but there’s no way to clear it because, as far as I can tell, the site doesn’t have an RSS feed at all anymore.

I’d like to see the unread/archive stories from when the site had an RSS feed. The ‘misbehaving site’ dialog prevents me from doing so. I’ve found that, as a workaround, I can create a folder with only this feed in it. Then I can click on that folder to view stories instead of clicking on the feed directly.

Perhaps there is some better way that NewsBlur could handle this?