Absolutely fantastic news reader.

Well worth the $12 I spent on premium. Honestly would have happily spent $24 and I hope to do so next year.

Can’t wait for the more full-featured iPhone app but I love how fast the app is already. If it had a way to view all feeds at once, view starred stories and star new stories - I’d be in heaven. But I know all that is coming soon :wink:

Keep up the fantastic work - you aren’t allowed to get burnt out on this project. It is way to awesome for that! :smiley:

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Thrilled to hear that. Keep the feedback coming. As you can tell, I’m implementing most of it, but I need to hear from users who are not me or my girlfriend to tell me what’s happening for them.

As for getting burned out, NewsBlur is hardly my first multi-year project (see a history at http://www.samuelclay.com)). I’m 27 months and running, and this is my first project that is paying for itself, so it’s likely to become something bigger, and soon.

Awesome. I gotta say, your quick and personal support is a #1 feature in my mind. I’m continuing to spread word of NewsBlur in my circles. Also, I’m straining my brain to think of something I can create that leverages your API… ::thinking:: ::thinking::