Ability to put feeds in multiple folders

I would like to have the ability to put a feed in multiple folders. Like Google Reader has. Do you think this would be possible?


There’s already support for this. Just add the site to another folder. You’ll find that when you read one site, the other (dupe) site also shows the correct counts. Now, the same feed in the same folder, there’s no support for that, but it does happen and you should be able to delete one without effecting the other.

Ok, fair enough… Now, how can I find the feed’s URL so I can add it to another folder, if I don’t remember where I got the feed? There are sites with multiple feeds generated from different sections.

I’m working on a Site Settings dialog as we speak. It should go out in the next few days (I hope). But for now, you’ll just have to use the title, which you can search for in the Add Site dialog.