Ability to focus on green feeds is removed when all feeds are read.

When all green items are read, Newsblur automatically focuses on yellow and removes the green button until there is a new green item.
After switching to yellow (which I only read when extremely bored), the change in unread count (in the title element) makes my browser tab flash, which is distracting (but fine for green because I actually care about them) and unwanted.
Plus, the number of yellow feeds means I get new items frequently and that tab is constantly annoying me.

Anyhow. Just let me focus on green, even when there’s nothing there. Please.

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I just changed this behavior earlier this afternoon, so it’s definitely up for debate. The problem is that people find themselves on Focus and they don’t see any of their unread stories. But they don’t have any trained stories, so they see nothing. Worse is if they train one feed but it doesn’t have any new stories, they will still see nothing, but not understand why all of the stories are gone.

I think this change is a good one, in that if you have 0 stories in Focus, then you’ll automatically be exposed to the lesser stories. What I may have to do is come up with a way to lock in Focus mode. The criteria for locking should be after an unlock, then if the user moves it back to Focus with no new stories, then lock it in place. I’ll work on that soon.

I see the problem and I can see there would be times when I would like the new behaviour but as it is, I do not. Maybe put an option in the preferences and enable your new system by default?

I’ve been finding this extremely annoying. I don’t know about anybody else, but since I’ve started training feeds I’ve entirely stopped reading my “yellows”. With it automatically switching I’ve got to manually switch back to “focus” every time I come back to newsblur throughout the day, which isn’t always simple, it often requires me to reload the page entirely before the focus option will appear again, even with green items in my feeds.

I like the locking idea though, that’d pretty much solve all of my problems. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is exactly what happens to me too. You may as well go straight to red from green as far as I’m concerned, it makes no difference since I don’t really like either red or yellow items.

Please make this behavior optional with either an opt-in or opt-out setting.

OK, this has been fixed. If you click on Focus and there are unread focus stories, it locks the Focus button into visible at all times. Otherwise, for the case of the new user who clicks it but has no focus stories, it reverts. You should no longer have any problems. If anything, you get switched back once and never again (and only in a certain situation).